OOO "Severgroup" is a private investment company founded in 1993, which makes long-term investments and manages the assets in behalf of Alexey Mordashov.

Our profile

The Group was formed to develop established businesses and invest in attractive new projects. Severgroup’s core investment areas are currently: metallurgy and minerals, power plant engineering, gold mining, woodworking, tourism, wholefood e-commerce, banking, talent tech, high-tech venture capital, media, advertising, telecommunications and medicine.

The Group directly or indirectly owns shares and interests in the following companies:

Our philosophy

We recognise that the success of every business lies in its people.

A company’s profitability and sustainability are built on the commitment and drive of its managers and employees, and their capacity to problem-solve. The ongoing development of employees across our enterprises is a priority for the Group, and we are consistently developing innovative education programs and initiatives to improve employee engagement.

We are committed to creating a positive business environment through implementing best practices. These have been proven over our decades of experience, managing companies recognised as leaders in their sectors. The Business System programs successfully employed at Severstal, Power machines and Sveza are just one example of these initiatives. The Business System programs significantly enhance investment efficiency through improving business processes and employee engagement.