AVA-Peter Group

”Scandinavia” (“AVA-PETER”) is one of the largest clinics in Russia.

It is a part of private medical care market since 1996. Nowadays the chain contains 18 clinics in Saint-Petersburg, Kazan and Vologda and also has its own drugstore chain and a number of local outpatient departments.

There are 80 medical fields the clinic works in, the main of them are: 

  • family medicine;
  • diagnostics (MRI/CT);
  • IVF (ART);
  • pediatrics;
  • obstetrics (maternity center);
  • surgery (hospitalization);
  • rehabilitation; esthetic medicine (cosmetology, plastic surgery, stomatology).

There is a separated brand of the medical chain – “Scandinavia AVA-PETER” – the clinics which specialize on the ART (assisted reproductive technologies) and accept also foreign patients from Europe and near-abroad countries. The medical chain specialists attend more than 150 thousand patients per year. Attentive medicine is the basis of the company work, of each clinic and each doctor. First of all, it means personalized approach to the patient, the ability to hear and understand him or her. A special attention is paid on the preventive medicine.

The aim of the company is to become a defender of each patient on his/her way to a long healthy life.

The medical chain “Scandinavia” (“AVA-PETER”) has passed a long way (20 years) from a private clinic for infertility treatment to the large multi-field holding.

CEO: Dmitry Timokhin



GetLean is an online education project in nutrition and healthy food habits. The project was started up in 2016 by Julia Kurbanova (a qualified nutritiologist). After gaining the startup, Julia took on leadership of nutritiology department of the Severgroup Medicine.

The main GetLean program is a 12 week-course. In comparison with other courses, this one does not include any sportive activity, except walking. The main point is the work on food and eating behavior. For this reason there are psychologists involved in the project.

GetLean and Severgroup Medicine have the following team-work aims: 

  1. To widen the patients‘ expertise: to work on illness prophylaxis through developing the right eating habits
  2. To create a Russian-language high evidence knowledge database about healthy eating behavior and professional societies in the nutrition area, including dietitians, nutritiologists, biologists, fitness instructors and psychologists
  3. To advance a set of education programmes on the basis of the GetLean course and raise the „Scandinavia“ specialists‘ qualification in order to apply an algorithm that will allow the doctors to hold a conversation about nutrition during an appointment at the clinic.