- a Russian technological company. TalentTech develops a complex solution which is aimed at uniting online education and employment including freelance.

Netology Group

Netology-group is the largest Russian company focusing on full-scale online-education. Netology-group consists of Netology, one of the largest online universities, and Foxford, an online school for 3−11 graders, teachers, and parents. The legal ground for providing additional education to children and adults and vocational training is guaranteed by the state license №037356 of April 06, 2016.

Netology is focusing on online and offline training in online-marketing, project management, programming, design, UX, and data science. The company has over 65 study courses with over 44 000 students (including almost 19 000 commercial students). 300 000 people have attended Netology free courses and open classes since the launch of the project.

Foxford provides online-courses and one-to-one classes to get ready for state exams (EGE, OGE) and olympiads or to improve the results in subjects from the curriculum. Teachers come from the best Russian universities including MSU, MIPT, HSE and others. Teachers can take reskilling and upskilling classes; and parents can attend open classes on parenting and children’s development. In two years, over 65 000 teachers have finished Foxford upskilling and reskilling courses and got their certificates and diplomas. In 4 years, over 280 000 people have completed studies on Foxford. The project was launched in 2009, became a Skolkovo resident in 2013, became a part of Netology-group in 2014.

CEO: Maxim Spiridonov  

Website: netology-group.ru/


Remontnik.ru is the Russian first and largest bid-based platform for construction and repair-works requests. 17 500 repair or refurbishment-related orders are posted monthly across Moscow and Moscow region. 14 000 of these orders are posted on Remontnik.ru, claims AdForta. Over 600 000 people have used Remontnik.ru since its launch in 2007. Workers and companies don’t have to pay if they don’t reach an agreement on the following work. The service is free for clients.

CEO: Evgeniy Barulin

Website: www.remontnik.ru


Potok is a cloud recruitment automation platform. Companies store massive resume databases, cooperate with colleagues to manage vacancies, communicate with candidates and control the results. Now Potok has more than 150 customers from IT, retail and banking.

CEO: Kirill Nikolaev

Website: potok.io


JungleJobs is a recruitment marketplace service. Employers post vacancies, while recruiters and recruitment agencies compete for them, offering the best matching candidates. Now, the platform unites more than 500 companies and 1000 professional recruiters and recruitment agencies. Company works only with real vacancies and trusted headhunters and recruitment agencies. Any employer can find a talented headhunter and even for a narrow specialty. A small recruitment agency can work with a large famous company and a headhunter can work with large-scale projects and interesting vacancies.

CEO: Evgenia Dvorskaya

Website: junglejobs.ru/en/


Sever.AI is an A.I.-based platform for company’s search and recruitment. The system can in seconds find relevant CVs (accuracy up to 90%), communicate with hundreds of candidates at the same time, conduct and assess video interviews. Due to Sever.AI recruiters can save more than 88 hours per month and the search speed of new employees is increased by 50%.

The system understands how critical this or that skill is for a certain job. At the same time, you can both set important skills manually, and use the built-in analytics that allows the system to study open sources to understand the essence of the work of a particular specialist.

CEO – Evgeniya Dvorskaya  

Website: sever.ai


FL.ru is the largest Russian freelance platform. Since its launch in 2005, the company has been focusing on such services as programming, design, arts, copywriting, engineering, photography and others. Today FL.ru has the largest traffic and revenue among similar platforms with a monthly audience of 1.7 million users.

CEO – Evgeniy Barulin

Website: www.fl.ru