СТС Media

CTC Media manages four television channels in Russia (CTC, Domashny, Che and CTC Love) as well as an international version of Peretz channel and Channel 31 in Kazakhstan.

The international version of CTC channel is available in the CIS countries, the Baltic and other European states, North America, Georgia, Israel, UAE, Mongolia and Australia. The international versions of Domashny and Peretz are available in the CIS countries, the Baltic and other European states, North America, Georgia, Mongolia, and Australia. CTC Media also owns several digital entertainment media assets including,,,, and Caramba TV. Additionally, CTC Media holds shares in the Everest Sales advertising agency which is responsible for preselling of the advertising inventory as well as sponsorship and special projects on the abovementioned TV channels and media assets; Media Business Solutions company, which provides back-office services; Art Pictures Distribution company, which conducts the processes of procurement and monetization of rights portfolio.

In January, 2018, CTC Media has entered the group of The Vodorod company shareholders.

CEO: Viacheslav Murugov


Tele2 Russia

Tele2, a mobile telecom provider, entered the Russian market in 2003. The company presents in 65 regions now.

High-speed mobile Internet in 3G/4G standards is available to Tele2 clients in 61 regions. Tele2’s portfolio includes simple and easy-to-use services both for individuals and corporate clients. Tele2 guarantees high-quality connections and excellent customer care. By pursuing a lifestyle enabler strategy, Tele2 overcomes a trivial perception of a telecom operator and creates a new digital ecosystem of mobile-based services. In partnership with other companies, Tele2 is developing innovative products that reflect clients’ preferences and support their lifestyle.

As of 2017, its user base totaled 40.6 mn clients.

Its staff counts about 7 000 people.

CEO: Sergey Emdin


The "National Media Group" Holding

National Media Group CJSC is the largest private media holding in Russia playing an essential role in the development of the industry, technologies and products on the media market.

NMG assets structure and shares:

  • On-air television — REN TV (82 %), Channel Five (72.4 %) and Channel One (25 %)
  • Digital and News – Izvestia (100 %), Sport-Express (75 %), Metro Petersburg (100 %)
  • Pay TV — Viasat Russia (80 %) and Media Alliance (80 %)
  • Sales-House and Services – National Advertising Alliance (25 %), Everst (51%) and Media Business Solutions (51%)
  • Content and cinema — Art Pictures (80 %) and film school Industry
  • Technologies — Amber Data (100 %)

CEO: Olga Paskina