Alexey Mordashov speaks about prospects for the tourism industry and TUI Russia’s strategy at the Congress in Turkey

Alexey Mordashov, a major shareholder of TUI Group and CEO of Severgroup (co-owner of TUI Russia tour operator) spoke at the 7th International Resort Tourism Congress, which was held from November 29th — 30th in Antalya, Turkey.

The main theme of the Congress was «Tourism of the future, the future of tourism». Key tour operators, hoteliers and other participants of the tourism business were represented alongside representatives of financial and consulting organizations, investment sector, and managers of major global brands. The widespread interest and commitment highlighted the close ties tourism has to many other sectors of the world economy.
The tourism market is going through a period of significant change. These changes are very much determined by the developments in technology and social trends, which impact not only the future or current situation of the tourism industry, but also all aspects of our day to day lives. Despite the fact that classical travel agencies were predicted an early end due to the internet and the growing online competition, we are seeing a renaissance of services provided by the traditional tour operators and see growth prospects for our business, because customers require a seamless experience and have complex requests which require solutions that only those with the specialist knowledge and resources can give them. 
Alexey Mordashov
major shareholder in TUI Group

According to the speaker, a successful tourism business will study the needs of customers and create content for them.
The future is in differentiation. When choosing a holiday, the clients become very selective, are faced with many different competing offers and want to receive the same level of comfort and services to which they are accustomed to at home. This requires a huge amount of effort and involvement from us. We must identify special needs, carefully monitor the wishes of customers, and offer them what they want. As well as this, we have to constantly monitor customer feedback, be flexible, be able to respond promptly and adjust to the needs of the consumer.
Alexey Mordashov
major shareholder in TUI Group
TUI Russia has a strategy focused on the development of differentiated products, launching holiday concepts based on mobile differentiation. The company increases its customer loyalty by offering customers simple, but very popular additions to their holiday. In the summer of 2017, two leisure concepts were launched in Turkish hotels and have already received a positive response from customers.

Alexey Mordashov addressed the Turkish tourism market, emphasizing the importance and attractiveness of Turkey as a tourist destination (4.3 million Russians visited this country in 2017), and outlined TUI Russia’s plans for the next summer season, encouraging Turkish hoteliers to cooperate with TUI Russia.