Severgroup acquires controlling stake in the recruiting service

Severgroup, a private investment company that manages the assets of Alexey Mordashov, has announced the acquisition of a controlling share in the recruitment site JungleJobs from the primary financial investors in the project; the Impulse fund, The Untitled Ventures and a private investor.
JungleJobs is another strategic investment for the group in the HR-tech sphere. This site offers a full range of recruitment services using the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, which significantly simplify the search process without reducing the quality.
Artem Kumpel
Director of HR for Severgroup
The JungleJobs recruitment website was established in 2014 for employers in all sectors, regardless of company size, and recruitment professionals throughout Russia. Since JungleJobs was created, more than 400 companies from Russia, the USA, the CIS and the Asia-Pacific Region have become its customers. The JungleJobs team is comprised of more than 700 professional recruiters who oversee the multistage selection process.

The Company’s activities are divided into three areas: JungleJobs, JJuber and

JungleJobs is a platform where employers engage with professional recruiters and recruitment agencies, and recruiters receive 70% of the fee for a successfully closed job.

JJuber is a platform for searching HR-specialists for smaller HR roles such as mass recruitment and personnel support. is an HR service based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the selection and evaluation of personnel including search, communication and evaluation of candidates.

Following the transaction, the Company’s management team will remain in place and Evgeniya Dvorskaya, one of the founders of the project, will remain as the general director of JungleJobs.
The strategic partnership with Severgroup will strengthen the position of JungleJobs in the recruiting services sector in Russia. Our strategic goal is to move all communication between customers and contractors of HR services online so all parties can communicate conveniently and transparently. The use of machine learning and data management will transform the HR sector in the coming years and enablecompanies to significantly reduce the cost of hiring personnel.
Evgenia Dvorskaya
General director of JungleJobs
We have been following the HR Tech market with great interest for many years. We understand how promising it is, although conservative in terms of business growth rates. However, once AI is introduced, almost instantly HR Tech companies will flourish. JungleJobs is a world leader in this field and we are very pleased to have Severgroup as a strategic investor. I believe that this will encourage investment in the transformation of other traditional industries in Russia through applying AI technology.
Konstantin Sinyushin
Managing partner of Untitled Ventures
We are extremely pleased that JungleJobs, which has created several unique products in the HR market over the past 2 years, has found a strategic buyer. We will look forward to witnessing the emergence of a new big player in the HR market.
Kirill Belov
Managing partner of Impulse fund
Our goal is to create an ecosystem that will offer people a comprehensive solution for building and developing a career. For corporate clients, our goal is to give them the opportunity to find the best people for solving their problems. We have identified two main areas which we believe technology will play an increasingly important role: the first is the selection of people regardless of the terms of employment (permanent employment or freelance), the second — education at all stages of a person’s life. We call this unique approach Talent Tech. We intend to actively increase our presence in this segment in the future, in order to offer customers the most diverse and flexible solution.
Artem Kumpel
Director of HR for Severgrou