Severgroup agrees to purchase AVA-Peter medical company

Severgroup, a private investment company which manages the assets of Alexey Mordashov. announced the signing of the agreement for the purchase of a controlling stake in AVA-Peter Ltd, owner of AVA-Peter and Scandinavia clinics. Following the completion of the transaction, Severgroup will become the beneficiary owner of about 98% of the company, buying out the stakes of Ralph Ashorn, a Finnish doctor and entrepreneur, the International Finance Corporation and the Company’s CEO, Gleb Mikhailik. Mr. Mikhailik, will retain a 2% stake in the Company and will continue to manage its activities as CEO.
We see tremendous value in businesses that improve people’s quality of life. A significant part of Severgroup’s investment activity is focused on people, and investing in healthcare is something we are especially interested in. The standards of medical training are very high in Russia, however there is still room for development in areas such as better communication with patients and implementing new technologies to better manage patients health and control the quality of treatment. From this point of view AVA-Peter clinics are exceptional. They comply with leading international standards for medical services. We feel this experience and expertise should be developed and expanded. Severgroup is well positioned to do this thanks to our experience of working with people, our Business System tools, which have supported businesses that are recognized leaders in their sectors, as well as the existing expertise in IT and digital-transformation will enable us to support the company’s ongoing development.
Vladimir Lukin
Deputy General Director of Severgroup

The idea of entering Russia more than 20 years ago was to provide medical care services of high quality according to the leading international standards and at affordable prices. During this period we have put strong emphasis on the professional development of our staff and wellbeing of our patients. I am sure this path would be followed and further developed by the company under the ownership of Severgroup». 
Ralph Ashorn
Finnish doctor and entrepreneur
Ralph Ashorn who enjoys both an extensive scientific experience in reproductive medicine as well as a successful story of running healthcare businesses in different parts of the world. Mr.Ashorn has also previously worked with Robert Edwards, a British scientist who was awarded Nobel prize in 2010 for «the development of invitro fertilization».
Healthcare is a key part of social infrastructure and IFC works in many countries across Europe and Central Asia to expand access to affordable high-quality medical services. 

«AVA Peter is an example of a successful private healthcare company that provides a broad range of quality medical services to people at affordable rates, benefiting local communities. We believe the company has strong potential for further growth with support from its new shareholder.
Tomasz Telma
IFC Director for Europe and Central Asia
AVA-Peter has been working in the private healthcare sector since 1996 and is the largest medical company in the North-West of Russia. The company operates 18 clinics in St. Petersburg, Vologda and Kazan under the brands Scandinavia* and Ava-Peter as well as its own network of pharmacies. The company is constantly expanding its presence and currently the construction of the second phase of the Northern Clinic in St. Petersburg is underway, planned to be completed in 2019. The company employs about 2300 people.

*Scandinavia clinics provide a full range of medical services. They include an outpatient department, a pediatric department, a diagnostic department, an MRI unit, a maternity ward, a traumatology department, a dental office, a department of aesthetic medicine, a day hospital, a surgical hospital for adults and children, an ambulance. The central Scandinavia clinic in Liteiny Prospect opened the doors to its first patients in 2004. Clinics are located in the Central, Primorsky, Vyborg, Moscow, Frunzensky, Kirov, Kurortny and Vasileostrovsky districts of St. Petersburg. The number of visits in 2016 has reached over 850,000 with patients coming from all over Russia and 25 other countries across the globe. The company is also actively working in the obligatory medical insurance system — over 3000 families from 57 regions of Russia have received OMI-financed treatment in 2016.

AVA-PETER clinic specializes in the treatment of infertility using assisted reproductive technologies. Since its opening, the clinic has assisted in the birth of more than 12,000 babies with the help of its specialists.