Severgroup invests in HR-tech

Severgroup, a private investment company that manages the assets of Alexey Mordashov, announced the acquisition of a controlling stake in the freelance platform from Dmitry Balakirev and Alexey Sapkin, founders of the project, and financial investor Andrey Mladencev. This is the Group’s first investment into HR-tech market.
We believe that the use of modern technology has made human capital one of the most attractive areas for investment today. HR-tech has the potential to significantly improve people’s quality of life and ensure their skills are recognized within the highly competitive job market. For decades, Severgroup has been managing companies recognized as leaders in their sectors and this is where we are seeing huge potential for HR-tech projects. Investing in the freelance platform exposes us to a new, rapidly growing market and we intend to actively increase our presence on it. In addition to freelance platforms, the group will be looking at projects focused on education, personnel management, and the automation of HR processes.
Andrey Mityukov
Senior Vice President of Severgroup

Severgroup has established an internal department responsible for HR-tech business development. The department is headed by Artem Kumpel, who previously worked as Vice President at Lingvo Live and for ABBYY company’s mobile application business. is a the № 1 freelance platform for repair and construction professionals in Russia. The platform enables customers to directly hire contractors for a wide range of jobs, from small repair services to building construction, without commission. was founded in 2007. The service unites more than 130 thousand individual professionals, teams and construction companies throughout Russia. Around 300 thousand customers have used the service and the number of orders is up to 1,000 per day.

Service operates on a tender based system: the customer adds his order into the system, and the contractors make their offers based on the prices, terms and conditions etc. The revenues of the project come from fixed payments from the contactors. The service is free for the customers. The founders of will continue to develop of the project.